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Submitting a Manuscrit

All proposals must be submitted to the Editor-in Chief of the journal Études Inuit

The text, the abstract, the keywords, the tables, the figures, the footnotes, and the references must not exceed 8,500 words for articles and research notes, and 1,500 words for book reviews and tributes.

All of the files associated with the manuscript, including figures, illustrations, tables, and images, must be sent with the initial submission. Tables must be placed at the end of the manuscript in the submitted file and numbered in the order that they are mentioned in the text. Figures, illustrations, and other images must be submitted in separate files.

The manuscript must be submitted as a Word file. Paper size is 8½ x 11” (21.5 x 28 cm) with single spacing and 1.55 cm margins on each side of the page.

The manuscript must be single-spaced. It will express the view of the author(s) and be supported by scholarly argument and/or scientific evidence on a specific topic falling within the editorial mandate of Études Inuit Studies.

All articles must be the author’s original work. A manuscript cannot normally be published if it has already been published or is scheduled to be. Authors are required to advise the Editor about any plans to publish elsewhere.

All articles and research notes are double-blind peer-reviewed. Please, see all details of this process in Publication rules.

Études Inuit Studies will acknowledge that it has received the manuscript and will inform the author(s) of the Editorial Board’s decision. All publishing decisions will be subject to the discretion of the Editor-in Chief of the Journal.

Submitting a Special Theme Proposal

Études Inuit Studies publishes special theme issues that usually include a long introduction to the theme and 8 to 15 articles.

All special theme proposals must be submitted to the Editorial Coordinator of the journal ( and include:

1) a formal introduction to the theme with a detailed review of current debates in the literature, and an outline of the contributions that this theme will make to discussions, in Canada and beyond (1,000 to 2,000 words);

2) the titles and abstracts of the individual articles and their individual contributions to the special theme (150 to 250 words abstracts); and

3) a short biographical description of each contributor (approximately 100-150 words, please do not send individual CVs).

Each special theme issue must normally include at least ten articles in French or English and at least five articles in French.

Because most of the articles submitted for a special theme issue usually require revision and resubmission, it has become very difficult to predict when a special theme issue will make it through the review process. Contributors should expect the process to take at least a year from the date of submission. Note as well that a single special theme article may hold up publication of that issue if it requires many revisions.

Manuscripts are submitted to peer reviewers who are chosen according to the subject of the text. All articles and research notes are peer reviewed in double-blind format. Guest editors of the issue work closely with the Editor-in Chief of Études Inuit Studies. See all details of this process in Publication Rules.

All publishing decisions will be subject to the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief of Études Inuit Studies, including exclusion of an article from the final version of the special theme issue.

Submitting a Book Review

Book reviews are critical analyses of recently published books about Inuit. The text must be structured and concise with a coherent line of argument. It must not exceed 1,500 words, including references.

To consult the list of books available for review, please click on the following link: Books available for review.

To review a book that does not appear in our list, we invite you to contact us at the following address:

Submitting a Tribute to a Colleague

In Memoriam section, authors are invited to honour a departed colleague and write about his/her contributions to Inuit communities and/or to the community of academic research.

Publications Rules

To consult the Publication rules, please click on the following link: Publications rules.