Publication rules

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Peer review

Manuscripts are submitted to referees selected according to the subject of the article. Manuscripts that have been already (or are going to be) published elsewhere are not normally accepted. The authors are requested to keep the editor informed of any alternative publication project.


The manuscript must include an abstract (150 to 250 words) and be submitted by email in a Word version. The text, the abstract, and the references should not exceed 8,000 words. Notes should be kept to a minimum, numbered consecutively and typed at the bottom of pages. Within the text, the author's name, date of publication and page number should be indicated between parentheses. E.g.: (Arima 1987: 160). References at length (with first names) will be listed alphabetically, by authors, at the end of the text (see example below).

1994 Intermédiaires au long cours: les relations entre Inuit du Caribou et Inuit du Cuivre au début du XXe siècle, Études/Inuit/Studies, 18(1-2): 21-47.

1952 The Arctic Culture and the Kubuk River, Philadelphia, University of Philadelphia, University Museum Monograph, 8.

WOODBURY, Anthony C.
1984 Eskimo and Aleut Languages, in David Damas (ed.), Handbook of North Amercian Indians, volume 5, Arctic, Washington, Smithsonian Institution: 49-63.

Please contact the editor before sending the manuscript: