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Éducation et transmission des savoirs inuit au Canada

Education and transmission of Inuit knowledge in Canada

Volume 33, Issue(s) 1, 2, 2009
Frédéric Laugrand, Jarich Oosten

Sommaire / Contents

Note de recherche / Research note

Recensions / Book reviews

BADTEN, Linda Womkon, Vera O. KANESHIRO, Marie OOVI and Christopher KOONOOKA, St. Lawrence Island / Siberian Yupik Eskimo Dictionary
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 261-262)

TERSIS, Nicole, Forme et sens des mots du Tunumiisut. Lexique inuit du Groenland oriental 
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 261-262)

DUHAIME, Gérard and Nick BERNARD (eds), Arctic food security
Joanna Kafarowski (pages 263-265)

EBER, Dorothy Harley, Encounters on the Passgae: Inuit meet the explorers
H.G. Jones (pages 265-266)

FIENUP-RIORDAN, Ann, Yuungnaqpiallerput. The Way We Genuinely Live. Masterworks of Yup’ik Science and Survival
Marie-Pierre Gadoua (pages 266-269)

LAUGRAND, Frédéric and Jarich OOSTEN, The Sea Woman: Sedna in Inuit Shamanism and Art in the Eastern Arctic
Emily E. Auger (pages 269-272)

SONTAG, Natascha, Carte Inuktitun Inuit Nunanginni Kanatami. The Inuit Language in Inuit Communities in Canada. La langue inuit dans les communautés Inuit au Canada
Frédéric Laugrand (pages 272-273)

Revue des Revues / Survey of periodicals

(pages 275-282)

Revue des thèses / Survey of dissertations

(pages 283-293)

Informations scientifiques / Scientific information

(pages 295-296)