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Linguistique, anthropologie, droit

Linguistics, anthropology, law

Volume 11, Issue(s) 1, 1987

Sommaire / Contents


Recensions / Book reviews

ADAMS, W. Peter (ed.)
1987 Education, research, information systems and the North, Ottawa, Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies, figs., tabs., 362 p. (Nick Kach).

ALBERT, Rosie, Ronald LOWE and Pierre RENAUD
1987 Aakigiik nuqaigutiruak, Québec, Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Inc. and Committee for Original Peoples Entitlement, ills., gloss., 35 p. (Dirmid Ronan F. Collis).

1985 Kenojuak, Toronto, Firefly Books, bibl., ills., phs., maps., tabs., 252 p. (H.G. Jones).

BOUCHARD, Serge et Clothilde PELLETIER
1986 La justice en question, évaluation de projets de création d'un comité de justice à Povungnituk (Québec nordique), préparé par ssDcc Inc. pour le Ministère de la justice, Montréal, ann., tabs., 137 p. (Rose Dufour).

DALLAIRE, Louise (ed.)
1984 Edward Sapir's correspondence: An alphabetical and chronological inventory, 1910-1925, Mercury Series, Canadian Ethnology Service, Paper No. 97, Ottawa, National Museum of Man, 258 p. (Gary Granzberg).

FITZHUGH, William W. (ed.)
1985 Cultures in contact, the European impact on Native cultural institutions in Eastern North America, A.D. 1000-1800, Anthropological Society of Washington Series, Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press. (François Trudel).

1986 Discovery of the North: the exploration of Canada's Arctic, Edmonton, Hurtig, ills., 224 p. (William R. Morrison).

1987 Inuttitut Nunait Atingitta Katirsutauningit (Québec, Canada), Répertoire toponymique inuit du Nunavik (Québec, Canada), En collaboration avec les Anciens Inuit du Nunavik et l'Institut culturel Avataq, Inukjuaq, ills., carte hors-texte, xviii + 368 p. (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

1984 Bibliografia di Umberto Nobile, Léo S. Olschki (ed.), Firenze, phs., app., ind., 113 p. (Jacques Grondin).

PAGE, Robert
1986 Northern development. The Canadian dilemma, Toronto, McClelland and Stewart Limited, figs., app., ind., 361 p. (Jan Lundgren).

n.d. The Eskimo art collection of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto-Dominion. [1972] Bank, Toronto, 236 phs., 38 p. (H.G. Jones).

VALASKAKIS, Gail (comp.)
1983 Communication and the Canadian North, Department of Communication Studies, Montréal, Concordia University, 163 p. (Jack Steinbring).