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Ethnohistoire, santé, archéologie

Ethnohistory, health, archeology

Volume 13, Issue(s) 2, 1989

Sommaire / Contents


Recensions / Book reviews

1988 Collections arctiques, Neuchâtel, Musée d'Ethnographie, 213 p. (Dorothy Harley Erber).

GRANT, Shelagh D.
1988 Sovereignty or security? Government policy in the Canadian North 1936-1950, Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, xx + 385 p., figs, tabs., phs., maps. (Robert J. Carney).

1990 The Peoples of the Arctic, Philadelphia, Chelsea House Publishers, 111 p. (Dirmid Ronan F. Collis).

SERGEEVA, Katerina S. et Ekaterina S. RUBCOVA
1988 Esquimaux d'Asie: Contes et récits, Paris, Éditions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 272 p. (William J. de Reuse).