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Recensions / Book reviews

1994 Noms et lieux du Québec, dictionnaire illustré, Québec, Les publications du Québec (Paul Charest).

1994 Boundaries and passages: Rule and ritual in Yup'ik Eskimo oral tradition (Birgitte Sonne).

JACKSON, Marion, Judith NASBY and William NOAH
1995 Qamanittuaq (where the river widens), drawings by Baker Lake artists (Céline Saucier).

JACOBSON, Steven A., with Yup'ik readings by Anna W. JACOBSON
1995 A practical grammar of the Central Alaskan Yup'ik Eskimo language (André Bourcier).

1995 A Yupiaq worldview: A pathway to ecology and spirit (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

GRENAND, Françoise et Vladimir RANDA (sous la direction de)
1995 Transitions plurielles, exemples dans quelques sociétés des Amériques (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

1995 People of the bays and headlands: Anthropological history and fate of communities in the unknown Labrador (Pierrre Bouret).

1996 Labrador village (Pierre Bouret).

MILLS, Antonia and Richard SLOBODIN (editors)
1994 Amerindian rebirth: Reincarnation belief among North American Indians and Inuit (J.G. Oosten).

1995 The Transition from shamanism to Russian orthodoxy in Alaska, (Frédéric Laugrand).

MULLER-WILLE, Ludger (editor)
1994 Franz Boas, Bei den Inuit in Baffinland 1883-1884: Tagebücher und Briefe (Ole Marquardt).

PROVOST, Michelle
1994 Nitaskinan, notre territoire: les Attikameks du Québec

1993 Nitakinan, notre terre: les Algonquins du Québec

1993 Nunavik, la terre où l'on s'installe: les Inuit du Québec (Solange Proulx).

SIMPSON, Danièle
1993 Wôbanaki, la terre de l'aurore: les Abénaquis du Québec

1990 Nitassinan, notre territoire: les Montagnais du Québec (Solange Proulx).

PHEBUS, George Jr.
1995 Alaskan Eskimo life in the 1890s as sketched by native artists (Lorraine E. Brandson).