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Populations et migrations

Populations and Migrations

Volume 26, Numéro(s) 2, 2002

Sommaire / Contents

Note de recherche / Research note

Recensions / Book reviews

CHRISTENSEN, Birthe H., Dialekten i Sydvestgrønland: en grønlandsk i-dialekt (Birgitte Jacobsen).

GULDAGER, Ole, Steffen Stummann Hansen and Simon Gleie, Medieval Farmsteads in Greenland - The Brattahlid region 1999-2000 (Charles E. Schweger).

HALLENDY, Norman, Inuksuit, Silent Messengers of the Arctic (Béatrice Collignon).

KRUPNIK, Igor and Dyanna Jolly (eds), The Earth is Faster Now: Indigenous Observations of Arctic Environmental Change. Fairbanks (Christopher Paci).

TURNER, Lucien M., Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory. Introduction de Stephen Loring (Yves Labrèche).

VAN DEUSEN, Kira, The Flying Tiger: Women Shamans and Storytellers of the Amur (Virginie Vaté).

VON FINCKENSTEIN, Maria (ed.), Nuvisavik: The place where we weave (Betty Kobayashi Issenman).

WEINSTEIN, Charles, Arctique Extrême. Les Tchouktches du détroit de Béring (Cesare Censi).