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L’influence de Marcel Mauss

The influence of Marcel Mauss

Volume 30, Numéro(s) 2, 2006

Sommaire / Contents

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Recensions / Book reviews

ANDERSON, Wanni W., The Dall Sheep Dinner Guest: Inupiaq Narratives of Northwest Alaska 
William Schneider (pages 221-222)

HOLST, Jan Henrik,  Einführung in die eskimo-aleutischen Sprachen 
Elke Nowak (pages 222-225)

JOLLES, Carole Zane (with Elinor Mikaghaq Oozeva), Faith Food and Family in a Yupik Whaling Community
Ned Searles (pages 225-228)

KEITH, Darren (with Jerry Arqviq, Louie Kamookak, Jackie Ameralik and the Gjoa Haven Hunters’ and Trappers’ Organization), Inuit Qaujimaningit Nanurnut. Inuit Knowledge of Polar Bears. A project of the Gjoa Haven Hunters’ and Trappers’ Organization
Frédéric Laugrand (pages 228-230)

SALADIN d’ANGLURE, Bernard, Être et renaître inuit: homme, femme ou chamane
Christopher G. Trott (pages 230-233)

STERN, Pamela and Lisa STEVENSON (eds), Critical Inuit Studies. An Anthology of Contemporary Arctic Ethnography
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 233-234)

WHITE, Patrick, Mountie in Mukluks: The Arctic Adventures of Bill White
David Neufeld (pages 234-236)

Revue des thèses / Survey of dissertations

(pages 237-252)

Essai bibliographique / Book review essay

Recent books on Inuit oral history
Murielle Nagy (pages 209-219)