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Les Inuit et le changement climatique

The Inuit and climate change

Volume 34, Numéro(s) 1, 2010
A. Nicole Stuckenberger

Sommaire / Contents

Note de recherche / Research note

Recensions / Book reviews

BAZIN, Charles, Gabriel, Hervé and Jean-François, Étienne Bazin, Oblat de Marie Immaculée:Pionnier des Missions en Pays Inuit
Willem C.E. Rasing (pages 167-170)

GELLER, Peter, Northern Exposures. Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-1945
Anne-Hélène Kerbiriou  (pages 171-173)

HANSEN, Keld, Nuussuarmiut – Hunting families on the Big Headland. Demography, subsistence and material culture in Nussuaq, Upernavik, Northwest Greenland
Marie-Pierre Gadoua  (pages 173-176)

JACOBSON, Anne, Elnguq: An Eskimo Girl’s Childhood in the Alaska Wilderness
Keavy Martin  (pages 176-178)

NICKELS, Scot, Chris FURGAL, Mark BUELL and Heather MOQUIN, Unikkaaqatigiit (Putting a human face on climate change). Perspectives from Inuit in Canada
A. Nicole Stuckenberger  (pages 178-180)

UNESCO, Climate change and Arctic sustainable development: Scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges
A. Nicole Stuckenberger  (pages 180-182)

Revue des Revues / Survey of periodicals

(pages 183-186)