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1980 The use of Greenlandic and Danish in Greenland Schools 1950-1978, translated from the Danish by Aase Segal and Trevor Lloyd, Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies, Occasional Publication No. 5, 46 p., ind. (Dermot R. Collis).

CAVANAGH, Beverley
1982 Music of the Netsilik Eskimo: A study of stability and change, Ottawa, Musée National de l'Homme, Collection Mercure, 2 volumes. (Nicole Beaudry).

LUTZ, Maija M.
1982 Musical tradition of the Labrador Coast Inuit, Ottawa, Musée National de l'Homme, Collection Mercure. (Nicole Beaudry).

1981 La musique des Inuit du Caribou: cinq perspectives méthodologiques, Montréal, Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal. (Nicole Beaudry).

1982 Holding the line - Ethnic boundaries in a Northern Labrador community, Social and Economic Studies No. 27, St. John's Institute of Social and Economic Research, 171 p. (Philip D. Ross).