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Développement industriel et impacts miniers

Industrial development and mining impacts

Volume 37, Issue(s) 2, 2013
Sylvie Blangy, Frank James Tester

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Recensions / Book reviews

DAVELUY, Michelle, Francis LÉVESQUE, Jenann FERGUSON (eds), Humanizing security in the Arctic
P. Whitney Lackenbauer (pages 201-203)

PHARAND, Sylvie, Caribou Skin Clothing of the Igloolik Inuit
Bernadette Driscoll Engelstad (pages 203-206)

WILLIAMSON, Karla Jessen, Inherit my heaven: Kalaallit gender relations
Joanna Kafarowski (pages 206-208)

Revue des Revues / Survey of periodicals

(pages 209-219)

Informations scientifiques / Scientific information

(pages 221-224)