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La santé des Inuit

Inuit Health

Volume 40, Issue(s) 1, 2016
Christopher Fletcher, Mylène Riva

Sommaire / Contents

Hors-Thème / Off theme

Recensions / Book reviews

HASTRUP, Kristen B., Thule på Tidens Rand (Ulrik Pram Gad) (pages 229-232)

WRIGHT, Shelley, Our Ice is Vanishing / Sikuvut Nunguliqtuq: A History of Inuit, Newcomers, and Climate (Christina Williamson) (pages 233-234)

In Memoriam

Jarich G. Oosten (1945-2016)
(pages 235-250)

Revue des thèses / Survey of dissertations

(pages 251-266)