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Adaptation, ethnohistoire, langue

Adaptation, ethnohistory, language

Volume 15, Issue(s) 1, 1991

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Recensions / Book reviews

DACKS, Gurston (ed.)
1990 Devolution and constitutional development in the Canadian North, Ottawa, Carleton University Press, xii + 373 p. (Karol J. Krótki).

MOBLEY, Charles M.
1991 The campus site, a prehistoric camp at Fairbanks, Alaska, Fairbanks, University of Alaska Press, Monograph series, figs., tabs., gloss., bibl., résumés en anglais, francais, russe et espagnol. (Patrick Plumet).

OSWALT, Wendell H.
1990 Bashful no longer. An Alaskan Eskimo ethnohistory, 1778-1988, Norman et London, University of Oklahoma, cartes, ills., bibl., ind., xvii + 270 p. (Yvon Csonka).

VAUGHAN, Richard
1991 Northwest Greenland, a history, University of Maine Press, 208 p. (Regitze Margrethe Søby).

WENZEL, George W.
1991 Animal rights, human rights: Ecology, economy and ideology in the Canadian Arctic, University of Toronto Press. (Frank Sejersen and Jens Dahl).