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Généalogie, identité et territoire

Genealogy, identity and territory

Volume 22, Issue(s) 1, 1998

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Recensions / Book reviews

1997 Greenlanders, whales, and whaling: sustainability and self-determination in the Arctic (George W. Wenzel).

1996 Les Inuit: Ce qu'ils savent du territoire (Jean-Francois Parent).

DORAIS, Louis-Jacques
1997 Quaqtaq - Modernity and Identity in an Inuit Community (Jens Dahl).

GODDARD, Ives (ed.)
1996 Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 17: Languages (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

JENSEN, Henrik G. and Torben AGERSNAP (eds.)
1996 Crime, Law and Justice in Greenland (Pierre Rousseau).

MITCHELL, Donald Craig
1997 Sold American. The Story of Alaska Natives and Their Land, 1867-1959 (Lydia Black).

MOVIUS, Phylis D. (ed.)
1996 When the Geese Come: The Journals of a Moravian Missionary, Ella Mae Ervin Romig, 1898-1905, Southwest Alaska (Chase Hensel).

SOUBLIERE, Marion (ed.)
1997 The 1998 Nunavut Handbook (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

ROSS, W. Gillies
1997 This Distant and Unsurveyed Country (Mick Mallon).

TERSIS, Nicole et THERRIEN, Michèle (dir.)
1996 La dynamique dans la langue et la culture inuit (Frédéric Laugrand).