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BERGSLAND, Knut (ed.), Ancient Aleut Personal Names: Kadaangim Asangin/Asangi. Materials from the Billings Expedition 1790-1792 (Jerrold Sadock).

BUIJS, Cunera and Jarich OOSTEN (eds.), Braving the Cold: Continuity and Change in Arctic Clothing (Bernadette Driscoll-Engelstad).

DRUMMOND, Susan G., Incorporating the Familiar. An investigation into legal sensibilities in Nunavik (Michèle Therrien).

JACOBSON, Steven A., Yup'ik Dialect Atlas and Study, (Marianne Mithun).

HUDSON, Ray, Moments Rightly Placed. An Aleutian Memoir (Joëlle Robert-Lamblin).

KING, J. C. H. and Henrietta LIDCHI (eds.), Imaging the Arctic (Edmund Searles)

MAURAIS, Jacques (ed.), Quebec's Aboriginal Languages: History Planning and Development (Susan Sammons).

TURNER, Edith, The Hands Feel It: Healing and spirit presence among a northern Alaskan people (Christopher M. Fletcher).