Numéros publiés

Économie contemporaine

Present-day economy

Volume 24, Numéro(s) 1, 2000
Gérard Duhaime


Sommaire / Contents

Recensions / Book reviews

ALIA, Valerie, Un/Covering the North: News, Media, and Aboriginal People (Ludger Müller-Wille).

APPELT, Martin et Hans Christian GULLØV (dir.), Late Dorset in High Arctic Greenland. Final report on the Gateway to Greenland project (Patrick Plumet).

ARNEBORG, Jette et Hans Christian GULLØV (dir.), Man, culture and environment in Ancient Greenland. Report on a Research Program. (Patrick Plumet).

BOAS, Norman F., Nod Hill, Wilton, Connecticut. Reminiscences (Ludger Müller-Wille).

BOAS, Norman FRANCIS and Barbara LINTON MEYER, Alma Farm. An Adirondack Meeting Place (Ludger Müller-Wille).

FORTESCUE, Michael, Language Relations across Bering Strait. Reappraising the Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

GRØNNOW Bjarne et John PIND (dir.), The Paleo-Eskimo cultures of Greenland. New perspectives in Greenlandic archaeology (Patrick Plumet).

INGSTAD, Helge, Songs of the Nunamiut (Nicole Beaudry).

LYCK, Lise, Arctic International Trade. A Study Focused on the Greenlandic International Trade Regime (Alexandre Morin).

MACDONALD, John, The Arctic Sky. Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend (Frédéric Laugrand).

OAKES, Jill and Rick RIEWE, Spirit of Siberia: Traditional Native Life, Clothing and Footwear (Bernadette Driscoll-Engelstad).

OOSTEN, Jarich et Cornelius REMIE (dir.), Arctic Identities. Continuity and Change in Inuit and Saami Societies (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

WHITE, Donny, In Search of Geraldine Moodie (Betty Kobayashi Issenman).

Débats / Debates

NIELSEN, Joern Berglund
Inuit socio-cultural values across the Arctic