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APPELT, Martin, Joel BERGLUND and Hans Christian GULLØV (eds), Identities and Culural Contacts in the Arctic, Proceedings from a Conference at the Danish National Museum (Patrick Plumet).

BEFFA, Marie-Lise et Laurence DELABY, Festins d'âmes et robes d'esprits. Les objets chamaniques sibériens du Musée de l'Homme (Frédéric Laugrand).

EKHO, Naqi and Uqsuralik OTTOKIE, Interviewing Inuit Elders 3. Childrearing Practices (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

AUPILAARJUK, Mariano, Tulimaaq AUPILAARJUK, Lucassie NUTARAALUK, Rose IQALLIJUQ, Johanasi UJARAK, Isidore IJITUUQ and Michel KUPAAQ, Interviewing Inuit Elders 4. Cosmology and Shamanism (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

LAUGRAND, Frédéric, Jarich OOSTEN and François TRUDEL, Memory and History in Nunavut 1, Representing Tuurngait (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

RASMUSSEN, Derek, Dissolving Inuit Society Through Education and Money: The Myth of Educating Inuit out of "Primitive Childhood" and into Economic Adulthood (Frank Tester).

RASMUSSEN, Knud, Contes du Groenland, traduit du danois par Jacques Privat (titre original Myter og sagn fra Grønland), préface du traducteur (Christian Mallet).

VAN DEUSEN, Kira, Raven and the Rock: Storytelling in Chukotka 
(Yvon Csonka).

ZIMMERLY, David W., Qayaq ­ Kayaks of Alaska and Siberia (John Heath).

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Inuit identity and literacy in a Nunavut community

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DORAIS, Louis-Jacques
Les 25 ans d'Études/Inuit/Studies / Études/Inuit/Studies turns 25



On ethnic identity in Greenland

Indexing inuit cartography: Trends and developments from the library field