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Sommaire / Contents

Essai / Essay

Hors-Thème / Off theme

Critique d’exposition / Exhibit review

Recensions / Book reviews

ALIA, Valerie, Names and Nunavut. Culture and Identity in Arctic Canada
Ludger Müller-Wille (pages 163-178)

DYSON, Laurel Evelyn, Max HENDRIKS et Stephen GRANT (dir.), Information Technology and Indigenous People
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 165-166)

EVANS, Michael Robert, Isuma. Inuit Video Art 
Yves Laberge (pages 166-168)

FIENUP-RIORDAN, Ann, Wise words of the Yup’ik people. We talk to you because we love you
Murielle Nagy (pages 168-170)

FIENUP-RIORDAN, Ann (ed.), Yupiit qanruyutait. Yup’ik words of wisdom.
Murielle Nagy (pages 168-170)

GESSAIN, Robert, Inuit: Images d'Ammassalik, Groenland 1934-1936 
Yves Laberge (pages 170-172)

KULCHYSKI, Peter and Frank James TESTER, Kiumajut (Talking Back): Game management and Inuit rights 1900-1970
Martina Tyrrell (pages 172-175)

ROSING, Jens, Si nous nous réveillons par temps calme… Une saga familiale du Groenland oriental
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 175-177)

SØRENSEN, Axel Kjær, Denmark-Greenland in the Twentieth Century
Frank Sejersen (pages 177-178)

Revue des thèses / Survey of dissertations

(pages 179-187)